With over 15 years experience in the design industry I am adept at the design and delivery of experiences rooted in craft and strategic thinking at the intersection of brand and product.

Prior to joining Method I was Head of Visual Design for the prestigious global architecture firm Grimshaw. I helped Grimshaw define and extend their brand across four continents overseeing a team of international designers in the creation of events and exhibitions, digital tools and publications.

At Method my work has included the crafting of seamless, expansive brand experiences for biometric security firm, Clear; envisioning smarter ways to detect the signal from the noise in clinical trials for MedAvante and enabling a bold new direction in insurance software solutions for Duck Creek.

Outside of work Neil I music production, painting and taking in the view from my apartment in Buena Vista heights, San Francisco.


I'm Neil, an English designer based in San Francisco with over 15 years experience in the field. I am adept at the design and delivery of brand experiences rooted in strategy and craft. Iā€™m a passionate advocate for harnessing the emotional potency of design to solve strategic problems. 

Originally hailing from Manchester I cut my teeth in the cultural and musical scenes of my hometown, before seeking my fortune in London. There I began six years at the prestigious global architecture firm, Grimshaw which ultimately took me to New York.

As Grimshaw's Head of Visual Design I worked closely with the company's most senior leadership to define and extend their brand across four continents, overseeing a cross-office team of designers in the creation of interactive exhibitions, digital tools, publications and brand systems.

Following Grimshaw I spent three years with the experience design firm, Method in NYC and SF where I led the design of brand and product experiences in collaborative teams. As well as the work shared on this site for medium size startups I also worked on confidential projects for global brands like Google and Ancestry.

Now based in the bay area I am exploring freelance opportunities, most recently at COLLINS, DesignStudio and Apple.

Like many of my ilk I am a cultural sponge and an autodidact with a love of eclecticism and new juxtapositions. I'm an occasional painter, a regular music maker and an obsessive photographer.